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Occupational Medicine

As a trusted provider of occupational medicine and workers’ compensation services, Halifax Health ExpressCare builds strong relationships with business leaders in Volusia County, Florida. We provide tailored healthcare solutions for local businesses and their employees.

Workplace Injuries

In the United States, OSHA last reported that nearly 3% of the workforce become injured or ill while performing workplace duties. When these incidents occur, it’s good to have a plan. As a business owner or manager, when proactive steps are in place, it protects your workforce by minimizing the risk of common injuries like sprains, strains, burns, lacerations, and fractures. It’s important to feel confident and prepared when unpredicted workplace injuries or illnesses occur. Halifax Health ExpressCare has your back. Our experienced team can provide cost-effective, company-tailored occupational medicine and workers’ compensation injury treatment to help your injured employees get well—and all of your employees stay well.

Drug Testing

In the workplace, illicit drug use can put the employee, coworkers, customers, and others at risk. Substance abuse not only decreases productivity, but has also been shown to increase on-the-job accidents, absenteeism, turnover, and work comp insurance costs. To help foster a safer, healthier, and more productive work environment, Halifax Health ExpressCare offers convenient and accurate drug testing services. The services we provide include are beneficial for screening applicants for pre-employment, randomly testing employees, and obtaining post-accident drug screening results for work comp insurance purposes. As a dependable drug testing provider, we partner with your company. Our goal is to communicate results and provide access to reports for documentation purposes in a timely manner.

Employment Physicals

Before you make a final hiring decision, it’s a good idea to require each job candidate to undergo a pre-employment physical examination. And after you bring an employee on board, periodical physicals will help you feel confident that the employee remains healthy. The occupational medicine specialists at Halifax Health ExpressCare can help. We perform pre-employment and annual employee physicals, including DOT physicals, and each is fully customized based on the specific job description, working environment, and potential hazards. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive picture of each prospective or current employee’s health status, allowing you to confirm that he or she is capable of safely performing the required job duties. Ultimately, employment physicals will help you promote safety in the workplace.

How Can We Help?

Halifax Health ExpressCare is a leading provider of urgent care services, occupational medicine, and annual care services in Volusia County. Our staff is committed to your care, providing white-glove service in our state-of-the-art facilities.
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Why Choose Halifax Health ExpressCare?

You can trust that your health is in the best of hands when you choose Halifax Health ExpressCare. Beyond convenient and comprehensive care for non-emergency illnesses and injuries, we offer “white-glove service.” You’ll always be greeted with a warm smile and treated with a friendly touch by experienced providers who put your care and comfort above all else.

Extended Hours
Our extended hours, including nights and weekends, allow you to get expert medical attention on your schedule.
Comprehensive Health Care
In addition to care for non-life-threatening conditions, we offer in-house diagnostic services, including lab testing and X-rays.
White-Glove Service
We aim to deliver the best patient experience possible, providing convenient access to quality care along with friendly service from caring providers.
We accept most health insurance plans and have reasonable rates for patients without insurance.

Patient Reviews

By providing expert care from experienced practitioners and white-glove service in a state-of-the-art facility, Halifax Health ExpressCare has earned the trust of patients throughout our community in Volusia County. See what our patients have to say.

Great place!

“Came in here for my daughter, on a trip from New York. Great place everyone was super nice and helpful.”

I was in and out.

“Really nice , the staff and the doctor was extremely helpful and made me feel comfortable.”

The best experience I've ever had!

“Wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable staff! Clean environment. The best experience I've ever had with any Urgent/Centra Care types of clinics. Great, great, great!!!”

Great service!

“Great service and medical staff when compared to the other urgent care centers found in Ormond Beach, FL. Very clean facility, timely service and experts ready to help. Impressed. Thank you Halifax Health for keeping our community healthy.”

Highly recommend!

“I could not afford to go to the er they saw me 15 min before closing, stayed open late, were very understanding, nice, and worked with me. I'm blown away by the empathy of the Doctor.”

Best urgent care I've ever been to!

“There was virtually no wait and everyone was so friendly. Very clean, too.”

ExpressCare vs. Emergency Care

For life-threatening or severe medical issues, seek emergency care or call 911 immediately.

Life-threatening or severe medical issues include:

Chest Pain

Compound Fractures

Difficulty Breathing

Eye Injuries

Ingestion of Obstructive Objects

Life-threatening Conditions

Major Head Injury




Severe Abdominal Pain


Snake Bites



Uncontrollable Bleeding

Vaginal Bleeding With Pregnancy

Halifax Health is the region’s leader in emergency care and trauma. If a patient arrives at any Halifax HealthExpressCare location who needs emergency care, our staff will expedite transfer to the nearest Halifax Health emergency department as quickly as possible.

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